Jaime González Buesa

Since July 2013, I am holding a Marie Curie IOF, an international fellowship for experienced European scientists to conduct their research abroad. The grant took me to United States where I started to work in the School of Packaging at Michigan State University under the supervision of Dr. Almenar. In july 2015, I will come back to the University of Zaragoza to continue working one year under the supervision of Dr. Salvador-Solano.

I achieved the Degree in Agronomical Engineering in 2002 at the Public University of Navarre and PhD in Food Science and Technology in 2007 at University of Zaragoza (mark: cum laude). Minimally processed fruits and vegetables, packaging engineering and effects of applying modified atmosphere on quality and safety were my major research lines. I am author of 14 articles in international journals of high impact (SCI) and three more are accepted/under review.

I took part in the initial staff of the emerging Research Centre CITA La Rioja. More specifically, he contributed to defining main lines of research and implementing laboratories and the pilot plant center. Afterward, he was employed by the private company Agrofrutícola del Valle del Ebro, SA (Agrovalle) as a R&D manager, developing new product ranges, particularly minimally processed salads and fruits. I held a 36 month post-doc position through the Programme Torres Quevedo from MICINN (Spanish Government) at AITIIP Technological Centre, where he worked opening new research lines oriented to packaging and the agri-food sector.

I have a multidisciplinary background, acquired by working with different researchers in different areas and in different research groups (postharvest technology, chemical engineering, microbiology, colour, polymer science, plastic processing, etc.). My research activities have been focused on minimally processed fruits and vegetables, plant physiology, food engineering, packaging engineering and more recently on materials technology and polymer transformation technologies (mainly injection and blow extrusion moulding). All of these disciplines have proved attractive to me, but I am most interested in the effect of modified atmospheres in the quality and safety of fresh and minimally processed fruits and vegetables, and the design and modeling of such atmospheres.